Leading the world even more and seeking more fun.
Towards becoming a funlead that creates more WOW! experiences.

Looking back on the journey we have traveled with our clients, we formulated a new vision, mission, and values in September
We will continue to advance along with our clients to lead the world and create a world of excitement.


The future we seek to create make WOW!

By using digital technologies to provide value that surprises and impresses our clients,
we will create a world that is exciting for those who work for us as well.

Our clients’ WOW! experiences have produced a variety of impressions like these.:
“You exceeded our expectations.”, “Oh, you were actually able to do something like this.”, “This is really interesting.”, “It’s truly amazing.”, “We’re glad we asked you to do this.”, and of course, “Thank you so very much.”
funlead will continue moving onward so that we can generate many more WOW! impressions from our clients.


Our responsibility to achieve this vision Lead with vision, Shape the future.

Shaping the future by leading markets and industries with our innovative solutions.

We consider our clients’ business success to be our goal, and we work backwards to create a blueprint for the future.
We have the imagination to combine the issues of the world together with our clients’ challenges, and propose innovative ideas.


Values and thinking that are important for realizing our vision I am funlead

Each and every one of us plays a key role in creating WOW! experiences


We value speed when providing services as well as speed when taking on new challenges.
We take the initiative and work together with our colleagues as a team to create WOW! experiences for our clients.

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We take part in on-site operations in order to know our clients and their industry.
We take the initiative to learn the answer.

funlead has had many opportunities in the past to receive recognition from our clients for taking the initiative.
We believe this is because we have always placed value on knowing.
We will continue to place value on the client’s perspective and taking the initiative as we move forward to create these WOW! experiences for our clients.

Our funlead message




The fun created by digital technology will lead our clients’ business.

We want our clients to feel the fun and enjoyment of what digital technology can do for them, even if they think that IT or system implementation is difficult.
funlead will provide proposals from a variety of angles with the goal of making our clients’ business successful.