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AgriTech Solutions by funlead corp.

DX driven by Space x Drones
Evolve Agriculture
in Southeast Asia


The funlead is tackling the global food problems through DX.
We believe our ICT solutions tailored to the type of crop and the conditions of the field
can modernize farming in Southeast Asia, “Food Basket of The World”.

Smart Agriculture by funlead

With advanced ICT technology, providing affordable services for both productivity and quality improvement

Agriculture in Southeast Asian countries has been rapidly developing, but there are many challenges to overcome, such as a decrease in the number of farmers due to urbanization, traditional farming not profitable enough to attract the next generation and balancing the expansion of farmland with environmental conservation.

We provide one-stop and affordable solutions for sustainable agricultural businesses in Southeast Asia by using cutting-edge ICT technology.


Challenges Facing Agriculture

Decrease in Farm Population
Not profitable enough to attract the next generation
Inefficient Traditional Farming
No effective countermeasures against disease and pestilence
Environmental Protection
Balancing the expansion of farmland with environmental conservation

Promotion of Smart Agriculture through DX

With Cutting-edge Technologies such as Remote sensing, GIS and AI

LBS(Location Based Service) For Effective Estate Management
Crop Monitoring Service For Productivity Improvement
For Estate Management
Productivity growth
by Early detection of desiese
Insights for optimal
production planning
Environmental preservation

Our Commitment to SDGs



Synergetic Effect of Combining Drone for precision monitoring and Earth Observation Satellite for wide-area coverage to achieve affordable and sustainable services

The combination of satellites and drones for data acquisition of farmland greatly expands the range of variety and effectivity for value creation. Wide-area and periodic monitoring by satellites, and flexible with high-resolution observations by drones allow us to effectively understand the growth of individual crops and secular changes of managed estate.

The funlead corp. has been awarded “FY2019 Demonstration Project utilizing MICHIBIKI (Japanese Navigation Satellite) ” funded by the Government of Japan and successfully conducted the experiment in Malaysia in Jan. 2020 and the outcome of the project has led to our solutions. We integrate our key technology features as an ICT service provider to realize highly efficient valuable smart agriculture both in a wide range of fields such as oil palm and rice and in urban farming.


Why Satellite x Drone?

Earth Observation Satellite
Wide-area Coverage
Open & Free Data available
Cloud Coverage (Optical EO)
Resolution (<1m is expensive)
High resolution (<50cm)
Lower Operation Cost than aircraft
Need to improve positioning accuracy
(SLAM could be one solution)
Taking advantages of each observation platform characteristics and achieving 10cm-positioning accuracy without GCP for Drone by our unique Visual SLAM technology, we provide optimal estate management services

Key Technologies

Remote Sensing

Our drone-mountable compact, light-wight and affordable hyperspectral senor enables to monitor detailed crops health status.
With large area monitoring from satellite, users could narrow the areas to be precisely monitored by drone or users also could choose multiple-drone observation.


GIS(Geospatial Information Systems)

Our unique visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology makes it possible to assign an ID to each individual crop (e.g. each tree of oil palm) for estate management.
This geo-tagged map enables accurate alignment with wide-area satellite data and data fusion of different observation platforms.


Data Analysis/AI

Hyperspectral imaging collects many individual images of a scene, each taken within a different narrow wavelength band and the combined images form “Data Cube”, an enormous volume of data.
AI-driven data processing technologies provide effective analysis such as detection of early symptom of damaged tree or crop.


What is Hyperspectral Sensing?

Sampling a wide variety of bandwidths in the light spectrum to provide a rich dataset and
detect objects of interest not visible to multiple-bandwidth imaging sensors.